Chateau 1

by Studio Shap Shap

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Album recorded Live and Outdoor in Niamey . Chateau 1


released July 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Studio Shap Shap Niamey, Niger

6 musicians on the sand. It's under a hut, outside between the birds and the city's noises that Studio Shap Shap has been recorded this album live . Traditional instruments (douma, talking drums, kindé, molo, komsa..)along with a bass, a piano all playing with nature sounds and electro samples . ... more

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Track Name: Dis moi
The first text is a poem from the author David Diop '' Afrique mon Afrique''
Then you can hear a speech from Thomas Sankara facing the
United Nations in 1984 . the play finish by a popular rhyme and traditional hausa song.

the poem and rhyme were recited by children in Niamey's streets
the song is sung by the percussionist.
Track Name: L'Hivernage
text from Boube Diallo :
See there s nothing , but nonetheless is cultivating !
He s cultivating with his prayers with his sweat to feed his family.
That s what God said, you have to ''eat your sweat'' .
Nowadays you have to cheat on someone in order to eat.
You ll pay back , anyone you ve been cheating on you re gonna pay back on jugement day .
God will juge anyone whoever you are
We are all sons of Awa and Adama, We are equals. It s just our jobs that are different , but well ....
Track Name: Nima
'' ifo sé'' means why and '' Nima '' means do you hear me ? in djerma (Niger)
Track Name: Sadaqa Blind Sisters
the chorus voice keep saying '' tu donnes tu donnes pas tu donnes '' french for '' you re giving , you' re not giving , you give .''
Track Name: Ir ma koy
Ir ma koy means let's go in djerma
in this song Boube Diallo is presenting himself.
text :
Mesdames Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs, here's the message that I'm sending to you Europeans and Africans on the Life of Nowadays.
You have to be of the lion's family and the hyena's family to have something to eat .
I' m presenting myself artist Boube Diallo I'm a nomad peulh, I was born in the W Park (nigerien state park) among the lions hyena , panther,wild buffalo, antilops, monkeys elephants, the big snake that swallow.
It' s the capital of djiins , place where I was born and grew up , you see!
Track Name: Le Cheval d'Haro
it 's the story of a time where there s nothing to eat
It' s the story of a woman who so desperate was stealing the millet from a termite house to feed her 4 sons .
They are named Tamu Tamantarku Tarkuzuey, Norocondo.
The last one is not loved by his mother cause he is walking on one foot.
One day the djiin of the termite house catch the thieve right in the middle of her forfeit , and madly full of anger , he tranforms her into a horse to punish her . hiiiiihihihiiiiiii
Condamned under that shape she is running the bush as a horse trying to call her sons for rescue.
Meanwhile the djiin is riding her and beating her defeating the sons to come .
She is screaming and calling them '' wey Tamu wey Tamantarku......''
And you know it s Norocondo ,,unlike his brothers the one she didn t love, that saved his mother cutting the termite s djiin s head off with his sword, alone, on one foot only.
Track Name: Hariéno
You want some water Hariéno Hariéno( fresh water) or you want a drink
there s coffee there s tea . Your eyes hurt ? Your back hurts there traditional medication for every pain .
Consume , consume consume on my head hey ! . Hariéno etc.....
On my head hey!, consume on my head , etc
You want to make a call or you want to smoke a cigarette , you want some grilled fish, or fresh fish, there fresh vegetables, jerk beef , you want to get a hair cut or to shave you want a tailor ?
On my head consume on my head .
shap shap !
Track Name: Yadéno
at the beginning you can hear a voice saying those words in french with a swiss accent.
" what I would like to say ..., is that I 'm feeling , we're starting to speak the same language ...musical , the same musical language , ... musical , musical .
Track Name: La Lutte
You can hear tv comments about games and corruption and other comments on the game season by journalist and wrestler. Then our singer Boubé is incarnating a professional sportscaster making live comments on a wrestling match finishing by "He brought him down yeah! He brought him down!"